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Two Local Heroes Help Buy Groceries For Families In Need

The submitters of this lovely story asked to remain anonymous, so let’s respect that, as I tell you about the husband and wife who volunteer for the New York Hemophilia Chapter.

It’s a charity that helps children who have this condition, which affects their blood clotting, which their 10-year-old son happens to have. Very near and dear to their hearts, and prescriptions go for around $4,000 a dose.

Well in the wake of COVID, they were making calls to check in on the families they have previously volunteered for, and make sure they had the meds they needed.

They found out that people’s problems extended beyond just a lack of meds, many families had members sick with the virus, one of both parents were laid off of work, and many have come close to (if not had already) running out of both savings and groceries. One mother even asked if they had used clothes for her 10-year-old because they had just been evicted and had nowhere to go.

SO our two heroes made it their mission to help these various families out. They went grocery shopping, put out a call for help on social, and soon driving around local neighborhoods picking up donations that strangers volunteered to help other strangers out.

They hand deliver these groceries to the families in need, even though they know it means risking picking up the virus themselves, practicing as much caution as possible.

They wanted me to tell you that just like business, charities are struggling right now, without donations. And because of that, a lot of people are left unable to fend for themselves. So if you have the ability, please keep donating to the charities near and dear to your heart, everyone is hurting.