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Straight Nate Believes He Was Abducted By Aliens

After Brody once again struggles to get in and out of our 15 Minute Morning Show Zoom room, the conversation took a turn when Garrett mentioned a story of a soccer player being abducted by aliens.

A former Universidad de Chile player, Guillermo Marino was late to a training session. His excuse? Marino was abducted by aliens,according to former teammate Gustavo Lorenzetti.

"He says that he arrived late to one training because he was abducted by aliens," Lorenzetti told Lado B. "He gave us the entire explanation of what he felt and the rest of it.

"There are cases where the player says: 'I left and I came back two days later because I was kidnapped by aliens.' But Guille is not that kind of player. Guille was a very proper guy. Everyone knows Guille Marino."

"He started to explain that he was suddenly lost and abducted by aliens. He explained that they take out your soul, analyze it and all the while on the journey they are looking after you. He said something like that."

This led to Straight Nate's retelling of the time he was 'abducted by aliens.' Watch the retelling above!