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Is Straight Nate A Narcissist? Let’s Review The Facts

A narcissist can be defined as a disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance. Straight Nate says he 'turns himself on' in this morning's episode of the 15 Minute Morning Show....

The first half of our mini morning show, everyone is arguing with Brody over having cell phone minutes and how ancient that whole concept is. Then Brody calls Nate a narcissist. It's understandable why he may think so based off of past comments made by Nate on the show. Elvis Duran says Danielle Monaro and Skeery are the LEAST narcissistic of the members of the morning show.

After reading off a list of the 4 things a narcissist might say, the show discusses... Is Nate indeed a narcissist? Watch above and let us know in the comments!