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Group Of 9-Year-Olds Raise Money To Help Black Lives Matter Movement

SO MANY PEOPLE sent me this story, you may have seen over the weekend, about the world’s historically most adorable protest.

In Seattle, a group of nine little kids decided to have their very own Black Lives Matter protest in their neighborhood. It’s about as cute as your mind is picturing it, these kids are holding up homemade signs and in the video can be heard chanting “Black Lives Matt-aw!”

They also sold popcorn and lemonade, donating the money earned to the National Urban League, which states it “enables African Americans and other underserved urban residents to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.”

They also started a GoFundMe for the cause and when I last checked, these kids raised over $11,000!

At the core of this protest was the Carr family, they are a HUGE family of 6 including 4 adopted children who know first-hand, that sometimes kids with darker skin are not treated the same, which is not right. The father said “Our kids are too young to understand the complexity, but it’s up to us as parents to help kids understand many complicated, and at times ugly, things in life.” YOU GO, MOM AND DAD!

You can donate to the cause here.