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Neighbor Creates Stuffed Animal Theater Show To Entertain Community

Long time listener Hayley Martin sent me an ADORABLE Feel Goods in her community in Bellevue, Washington (which is just outside of Seattle)!

She and her family have a wonderful neighbor named Dean Guyer, and he spent 65 days in quarantine bringing a little extra silly joy to the kids that live in their neighborhood.

They get their mail at a community hub, that has about 6 mailboxes, and the neighbors mostly check on it every day.

So Dean used this space to make a little father and son monkey daily theatre! With 2 stuffed animals and various props he creates, Dean creates a little scene at night so it is there for kids to check out the next day!

He’s made the daddy monkey playing baseball with the baby, one scene has them fishing, one has them at a theatre watching the movie Shrek, and one has the baby flying a kite while dad relaxes underneath!

It is SO adorable, and a creative way to help kids whom have felt cooped up really smile.