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Josh Gad Teases ‘Beauty And The Beast Prequel’

A movie here, TV show there, web series over there and two more exciting projects on the way, Josh Gad has been keeping busy during the lockdown. "There’s nothing quite like being trapped in your home for 4 months and counting, homeschooling two children, slowly losing your mind, but otherwise things are great," Gad tells Elvis Duran Friday, June 12th morning.

Currently in the room where he shoots his web series, "Reunited Apart" bringing together casts of classic films on Zoom calls, Gad sat down in his own Zoom reuniting with his friends on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

Being quarantined with his two daughters, Gad has learned that he can't keep up with their curriculum and that his kids are 'over' him being Olaf! "My kids are over it, they couldn’t care less," Gad hilariously tells the morning show, "It’s so funny cause yesterday they were on some sort of zoom chat and some of the third graders started singing songs from Central Park (Gad's latest musical show on Apple TV+). My 9-year-old was like ‘can we do anything but that’ not even remotely entertaining the fact that her daddy does fun voices."

Coming out today is his movie on Disney+ Artemis Fowl. Unfortunately the film was not able to be put out on the big screen during the pandemic and therefore resulted in the moving becoming available on the new Disney streaming service. "Nobody is a bigger fan of this experience as I am. I love seeing movies and I love experiencing them on the big screen. having said that i’m so grateful that being trapped in your house we have the ability of giving you the gift of a big budget film from the comfort of your home."

As far as upcoming projects, Gad teased the rumored 'Beauty and The Beast' prequel and a possible return to Broadway! On the possible return of his character LeFou, Gad teases, "I’m sure it’s going to be pretty unbelievable but I can’t say that so I won’t." He also explains that he's possibly making a return to Broadway next year, having starred in the original cast of Book of Mormon, "More than anything I miss live theater," Gad explains to Elvis on the current shutdown of Broadway, "I’m toying with doing something hopefully next year... in these uncertain times it’s hard to think about... but yes I miss it terribly"

So how can you keep up with everything Gad has been up to? Here's a list:

-Watch his latest movie Artemis Fowl on Disney+ starting today

-Watch him new show Central Park out now on Apple TV+

-Watch his web series Reunited Apart on YouTube

You can also watch his full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above!