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6-Year-Old Girl Joins Black Lives Matter Movement In Touching Way

Diane Humbers sent me this story from her small town of Moultire, Georgia.

Ashley Tucker was driving home with her 6-year-old daughter Addie, when they passed a protest, Addie was curious about what was going on and asked her mom to pull over so she could talk to some of them.

This kid put her head out the window and to yell, “are you ok? Is anyone being mean to you?” and “do you need help?” A few women came over to tell her about the Black Lives Matter movement, and that night at dinner Addie told her parents she wanted to help!

So they stocked up on bottles of water, attached notes that said “I love you,” “I see you,” “I hear you,” and “you matter to me.” And they handed them out to the protestors the next day, before Addie asked her mom if she could join them!

This little girl stood out in the blistering heat with a sign that said “you matter to me,” and her mother is incredibly proud.

One thing I think this demonstrates is that children- even at a young age- DO have the ability and empathy to understand. Ashley had not yet spoken to her daughter about what’s going on, and this opportunity changed them both! Talk to your kids!