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Senior Was Given Full College Scholarship After Cleaning Up Post-Riots

I don’t know who’s seen this story but it is WONDERFUL! I want to tell you about one of the greatest humans on the planet, Antonio Gwynn.

He’s 18, lives in Buffalo, New York with his aunt, and he’s been a good kid forever- helps pay his aunt’s rent, bought her the same phone he got himself, and now he wants to help clean up his neighborhood.

Last week he started cleaning up after rioters came through his town at 2am, for 10 hours. When the rest of the community woke up, they saw he took care of most of the work already! So, the community decided to give back.

Matt Block owned a 2004 red convertible Mustang, and it’s meant so much to him that he couldn’t yet sell it. Well, instead he gave it to Antonio! I truly believe this was a divine act because the car is coincidently the exact same car his late mother gave him, color and everything.

THEN a local insurance company decided to insure the car for him for one year!

THEN Medaille College reached out and offered him a FULL SCHOLARSHIP! Antonio was expecting to go to trade school in order to save up for a 4-year college and now he doesn’t have to. And if you ask me? No one is more deserving!