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Minneapolis Community Holds Food Drive To Help Grocery Stores Looted

I love this share from Pamela Avella, and I just gotta say, I am SO IMPRESSED with how different community members are showing up to help their neighbors in the places that have been affected by riots. Pamela is proud of her area in Minneapolis – a bunch of businesses have been damaged and are temporarily closed, including grocery stores and pharmacies.

This is a huge problem for some families whose kids attend Sanford Middle School. SO the school decided to host a food drive, asking anyone who is able to drop off what they could afford, expecting maybe 100 bags of donations.

Now, I want you to picture how big a middle school parking lot is. This space was COMPLETELY consumed! Donations covered the parking lot, the grass, even some of the neighboring park!

Dozens and dozens of community members volunteered to help with the sorting of items, and the pickups looked so organized with almost everyone wearing a mask!

What a great way to come together for people whom are in serious need.