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Girls Drag Out Basketball Hoop To Protests Hoping To Find 'Common Ground'

Smiling Steven, our Philly producer, sent me this story coming out of his area and it’s lovely, because now people are getting creative over how they aid in spreading this important message a lot of our nation is trying to get across.

A couple people in Center City know that basketball has always been a way to bring people together in their community, and so they used it as a tool in peaceful protest.

Stephania Ergemlidze and Khalil Gardner dragged a giant full-sized basketball hoop around town, and placed it near the protest to relieve some tension in the area, and kind of open the conversation multiple days this week!

They are out there looking for common ground and have gotten everyone involved- civilians, police officers, protestors, anybody willing.

 Stephania said “if that’s something that I can do, to push for more peace in our city, then I feel like I have an obligation to do that.”