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5 Boys Caught 2 Giant Fish In Hawaii To Donate To Local Healthcare Workers

My hot boyfriend William sent me this story, not as an official submission for Feel Goods but just to make me smile! Which it did! So I share it with all of you….

In Hawaii, Kyle Nakamoto, Tommy and Landon Mukaigawa, and two other fishermen friends lost a mentor recently named Setsuo Todoroki. He was 104, and was famous around town for catching fish and just giving them away to people who were hungry. Pretty lovely legacy!

Well, the 5 boys decided to go out and make a catch in his honor, and then donate that catch to make food for their local healthcare workers during this pandemic.

I think they may have underestimated this goal, because that caught 2 giant yellowfin tunas that totaled over 200 pounds!!!!!

The monster fish were sent to a seafood distributor who cleaned and cooked the fish, turning them into more than 300 poke bowls!

One of the chefs said, “It was nice to be a part of something greater than yourself, especially at a time when everybody needs to come together.” I am sure Setsuo Todoroki is very proud of these boys!