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Scheana Shay Says She Begged Lisa Vanderpump To Help With 'Pump Rules' Edit

Scheana Shay is claiming she went to Lisa Vanderpump to help her get a better edit on their show Vanderpump Rules after noticing how she was being portrayed on the reality show.

On Maria Menounos’ show, “Better Together,” Shay vents how her podcast, Las Vegas show and egg freezing weren't shown on Season 8 of Pump Rules, the host asked her what Vanderpump did to help her.

“I don’t know,” Shay, 35, answered. “I mean, I went to her last year and she knew I was really upset with how things were going into last season and the whole scene where they do this stupid montage of ‘I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous.’ I was crying to Lisa, just like begging her to listen to me.”

Impersonating Vanderpump she recalls the response she got, “Oh please, stop it. Be professional. Do your job. Stop breaking the fourth wall.”

Shay continues, “I’m like, ‘Let’s break the fourth wall,” she said. “Let’s talk about the real issue. I’m jealous that Dayna [Kathan] is on a show that I started with my friends — we all started together — it’s our show along with you Lisa. I’m upset that this new girl is coming on our show and now is getting to showcase her career when she hasn’t worked a day in her life for this. Like literally, it was just handed to her.”

These comments come after Page Six reported that an editor for the show admitted she purposely gave Shay a bad edit for not befriending her and Vanderpump did not reach out to Shay to comfort her.

Although it is not clear if Pump Rules is coming out with another season, many cast members are reevaluating their roles in production.

“This situation has forced many of the cast members to reassess what their futures on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ might look like,” a source tells Page Six. “Bri made it clear that Bravo is only interested in the Stassi and Beau show, which is fine, but that’s not the same show that Tom, Jax, Katie, Kristen and Scheana signed up for. They’re all hoping to get some guidance from Bravo sooner than later and simply firing the editor who blew the whistle on these issues will not suffice.”

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