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Husband & Wife Rescue Dog, Now Celebrating 1 Year Of Adoption

Listener Daniel Braz told me he and his wife were driving down the highway one day, when they saw a matted bundle of fur, alone in a field. It slightly resembled a dog but also slightly resembled an accent pillow. THANKFULLY they pulled over to check it out!

It was in face a dog, and he was in such bad shape that Daniel was afraid to put him in the car, so he walked along the highway, all the way home, holding this poor little abandoned thing so they could give him a bath and get him to the vet/

The dog had a ton of tumors covering his body, was bruised up and had multiple kinds of infections, AND was estimated to be about 15years old!

Daniel and his wife agreed they would help get him back to health and then find him a forever home, but they couldn’t get this needy fur-ball out of their minds. They called the vet to check on him at least every day for a month, and the day the vet said he was ready to be put up for adoption, they brought him home.

His name is now Rhodey and they just celebrated a year of puppy love together! What a wonderful rescue story!