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Watch Scotty B And His Wife Navigate Clutter On The Rachael Ray Show

If you know Scotty B, you know he loves collecting coupons, cereal boxes for his podcast and other memorabilia from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and Z100. However, his wife Amy sees it totally differently.

Our very own Scotty B and his wife Amy actually ended up on the Rachael Ray Show with organizing expert Peter Walsh to help them tackle their clutter. Scotty B is considered a 'sentimental clutterer' by the expert. This means he hangs onto items that have strong sentimental value. Amy says that for her 'an organized life, is an organized mind.' What advice does Walsh give them to help their relationship?

This is what he said:

1. Turn Sentimental Clutter Into a Gallery Wall That Tells Your Story

Firstly, Peter suggests going through the stuff in the attic and figuring out what's most important. Then, instead of keeping it hidden away, Scott and Amy can display the items in their home. One way to let your things tell a story is to hang them up in a gallery wall in the hallway. It's almost like a hall of fame where you display the memories that mean the most to you and feel proud every time you walk by, Peter points out.

2. Donate Usable Items To Those In Need

Amy also says that Scott's couponing is taking over the shared spaces in their house. "Couponing is a great way to save money, but you need to establish limits or you're just wasting money and space on stuff you don't need," Peter says. He suggests keeping enough stuff to fill their shelving unit, but agreeing that any overflow has to be donated to a shelter. "Don't buy anything else until you run out of what's already on the shelves," Peter adds.

3. Make Decluttering a Shared Activity

Peter's final tip for Amy and Scott is to shop together and get rid of clutter together, rather than Amy trying to tidy up without Scott's help, which he says can feel sneaky and disrespectful. If and when Amy feels like the clutter is getting to the point of being overwhelming again, the couple should set aside time to declutter together, Peter says.

Watch their full segment from Rachael Ray Show above!