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Project Helps Honor Late Veterans With 'Wall Of Honor'

This was one of the more difficult Memorial Days in recent memory because it’s a day to remember and honor those who fought for us, and are no longer around to thank in person. However, with the current restrictions, so many services were not able to go as planned!

Listener Catie Perkins wrote me and said the ceremony where volunteers usually put flags on the graves of our late veterans, was not happening in her area, and from that sadness, a charity was born.

Camp Snoops Project was created in memory of the late Lance Corporal Matthew A Snyder, who passed away in the military after volunteering to help in a mission at age 20. Loved ones wanted to appropriately honor him this year, as well as all who served like him, and created a website where you can submit your late Veteran to be recognized on a wall of honor.

All you have to do is log onto their site, and enter your loved one’s name, branch of service, and date he/she passed away, and within one day, their name will be up on the wall.

I know Memorial Day is still behind us, but it’s not too late to do a beautiful thing in memory of someone important to all of us!