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Tituss Burgess Says Jennifer Hudson Is Going To Win Another Oscar

Tituss Burgess may be one of the most hardworking people in Hollywood right now. He is currently promoting the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" interactive Netflix special, hosting a show on Quibi, will be starring in the Aretha Franklin Biopic 'Respect' and just put out a new single: Dance MF.

If that's not enough for you, somehow he found the time to hop on Zoom with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about these projects and more. "I get overwhelmed when I see emails, so I let my assistant just know what I have to do for that day," Burgess jokes to Elvis Duran about his busy schedule.

When talking about "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," you could see the emotion in Burgess as he describes working with the cast and its wrap. "That’s my family," he tells Elvis, "I am forever indebted to Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. They plucked me out.... It’s not about how great you are, it’s about how long you can wait." He continues, "I will cherish every day I have been on that show. At the time we filmed the movie, we had just wrapped season 4. It doesn’t feel like any time has passed.... Ellie [Kemper], Jane [Krakowski], Carol [Kane] those are my sisters. I’ll work with them forever."

Burgess continues discussing the Netflix interactive special with the show revealing it's actually been a year since they filmed it. "At the time of ending season 4, we had just gotten the announcement that we’d be filming this movie. And now a year later, we’re sorta back together promoting. It’s bittersweet." With the show ending Burgess admits, "There’s only so long that these characters can live in this suspended reality of being unaware of what the real world was offering. Eventually she’d [Kimmy Schmidt] be caught up to speed." He says they decided to "leave on a high note while everyone still loves us."

Burgess also finished filming the Aretha Franklin biopic 'Respect' where he joins the cast as “King of Gospel” Reverend Dr. James Cleveland. While mentioning the film, he comments on Jennifer Hudson's talent saying, "Jennifer Hudson, there’s a whole other wealth of talent in that woman that I don’t think the world has seen yet. She fully submerges into the role of Aretha Franklin. I think she is going to win another Oscar." The movie is set to come out December 25, 2020.

Now for the music, Burgess says his song Dance MF, is a "nod to what Prince did to one of his songs," he continues, "It’s provactaive and people will be dying to know what MF is, or to say it..."

Watch Burgess's full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show above!