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Canadian Local Government Purchases Inn To Help The Homeless Amid COVID-19

I read online, “we aren’t all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm,” and that really stuck with me! Which is why I loved this story coming out of Canada, sent to be my Kate Walther.

The British Columbian government knows that the homeless population has it tougher than EVER right now. They’re fewer people outside willing to help them, and access to support and services is crazy for everyone. So, they purchased the Comfort Inn Hotel in Victoria, with the intent to house over 200 homeless Canadians!

While staying there, they will have access to hot meals, health-care services, addictions treatments, and more. It really is a wonderful setup.

And as if that wasn’t Feel Goods enough? This also allowed for the rehiring of laid-off hotel workers to manage the facility.

This is really just adding to that wonderful stereotype- Canadians are lovely and accommodating people!