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Man Dives Into North Carolina Water To Save Two Girls Struggling

Have you ever been stuck in a rip current? I have once, and it’s something I’ll never forget. I must have been about 10, and all I could register was that for some reason my body and ability to swim wouldn’t keep my head above water! Thankfully, a stranger scooped me back to safety and thank goodness for other people like hero Jeffrey Del Monte!

The other day, Jeffery was off-roading one a beach in North Carolina, when he heard children screaming. He spotted these two young kids struggling in the water, and dove into the water to save them.

Thankfully he had a friend with him because time was of the essence and he couldn’t get them both at the same time, and they were about 100 yards out from shore.

The guys stayed there with the girls until medics arrived and truly saved both their lives. If there is a lesson to take away here it’s be mindful of current patterns and don’t go out alone!

Photo: Getty