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Mom And Friends Work Together To Track Down Late Son's Old Car

Charles Culcie sent me a really beautiful story about his good friend, Julie Collinsworth-Oney.

Now, just over a week ago, poor Julia lost her son, Tyler Bragg, to a car accident. And as anyone whom has ever lost someone beloved can attest to, you start wanting to hold onto things that meant something to that person- it’s like a little piece of them.

For Julie, what she wanted most was her it was her son's beloved yellow Jeep Wrangler. Tyler LOVED that car, but a couple years ago he was short on cash and needed the money, so he sold it.

Well Julie didn’t know where to start on the hunt for that car, so she started where most of us would- social media. She posted photos and all the information she knew about it, and shortly after, a total stranger named Shaun Rocky Jaber reposted it with a $100 reward to anyone who tracked down the Jeep.

Within hours, it was found.

Currently Julie is in talks with the owner of the Jeep who bought it for over $15,000 a couple weeks ago, they both want her to have it they are just figuring out the best way to make that happen in hard times.

Thank you to all involved, sometimes the internet is a really wonderful place!