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8-Year-Old Boy Figures Out Way To Help Children On Rainy Days In Quarantine

I LOVE a Feel Goods that demonstrates a child has more empathy than most adults in my life.

Melissa Hansbury was scrolling through Instagram when she saw a very impressive post by someone she was following.

Soon to be 8-year-old Preston was trying to figure out what he wanted for his birthday, and was having some trouble deciding on something. The only thing he seems to be truly sure of right now, is quarantine SUCKS! ESPECIALLY on rainy days when you can’t even go outside.

Thankfully, Preston knows he has a wonderful family with plenty of stuff to keep him entertained in the house; and he realized not every kid is as lucky as he is.

So, he got a great birthday idea! Preston asked if his gift could be to collect a bunch of coloring books and other art supplies to make baskets, and give them out to kids who may not have such an awesome family like he does!

His mom teamed up with their local child study team to deliver them to the right homes, and they’ve been accepting donations from their friends and neighbors. Way to go, Preston!