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Jonas Brothers Share What They’ve Been Up To In Quarantine

Jonas Brothers are giving us two songs, both in which were featured in their Amazon concert film 'Happiness Continues' XV, also known as 'X' and 'Five More Minutes' is an appropriate way to bundle the singles as it has been 15 years since the band formed.

The guys have been up to a lot during quarantine and talked all about it on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Friday morning. "It's been surprisingly busy," says Nick who has been filming The Voice at home. Kevin has been helping out with home school "It's good, I just can't believe in kindergarten they're doing light algebra." Not mentioned in the interview, Kevin also recently announced he is a strategic partner and investor for the app Caribu, an activity based video-calling app. Joe is working on his show on Quiby, 'Cup Of Joe,' where he got to travel and explore cities he has never seen. "For years we would travel and thought, what would it be like to have 6 hours to explore somewhere with interesting people," he says of the show, "Matthew McConaughey set the bar high. Once I ran out of guests I used Kevin and Nick," he jokes.

How has music been in the quarantine? Joe answers, "Music keeps us motivated and inspired. It’s going to be really exciting when we can get in a room with a bunch of people again and write some songs."

Watch Jonas Brothers' full interview with Elvis Duran above! And be sure to check out their songs X featuring Karol G. and Five More Minutes!