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Family Helped After Car Breakdown Wants To Thank The Man That Helped Them

Jennifer Yee emailed and said her husband and she were driving down the highway with their kids last Sunday when one of their tires exploded! Thankfully they were alright, but with the nature of the world being what it is today, they were a little extra scared on the side of that highway!

They called the police and a tow company, but you know, those both interact with a lot of people right now and it was really stressing Jennifer out as they waited. A lot of us are worried about ourselves during this quarantine but to worry about two young kids too? I can’t imagine that stress!

Her husband pulled out the spare and started to change the tire, when a total stranger, Kevin from Freeport New York, pulled up behind them and asked if he could help.

He said he passed them twice on his drive and that he had the gear they’d need to avoid a tow truck!

Now, this may sound like a little version of “Feel Goods,” but I think a stranger helping out another stranger while EVERYONE is worried about human contact is as beautiful as ever. And yes, they were all wearing masks! Thank you Kevin!