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Watch Producer Sam Find A Way To Hug Her Mom For The First Time In Months

Producer Sam has been quarantined with her boyfriend William, away from her family for the entire quarantine.

The only time she was able to see her mom was during a wedding parade thrown for her sister and brother-in-law early on in the quarantine. They remained six feet a part during the entire parade and did not touch. However, on Mother's Day, Sam had the brilliant idea to come with a plastic shower curtain and hug her mom through the curtain. She writes on Instagram:

Yesterday was the first day I got to hug my mom since quarantine. Which was lovely for me, but I had no idea she would start crying 😭❤️
I got the idea from a listener, and headed to Kohl’s to contact-free pickup a large clear shower curtain for me, and my sister! If you do it safely, and she’s as short as mine, I hope you can hug your family too! (Thank you for the edit@deannamoo22) #HugMe

You can watch the beautiful moment above.