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2nd Grade Teacher Creates 'Fake Hug' For Her Students

One thing I know a lot of people are missing right now, including myself, are HUGS!!!! It’s been months, I need hugs!

And with that in mind, Brandon Coffman sent me an adorable Feel Goods story!

A 2nd grade teacher in Indiana named Kelsey Pavelka knew her students were missing hugs from people other than their immediate family members, SO she created a quarantine hug station!

She used her front door and taped a clear plastic shower curtain to it, and using large ziplock baggies and tape, cut four holes in the curtain and made a set of sleeves for each hugger! So it really is like a normal hug, but with a safe line of plastic between the two people.

After each hug, she makes sure the barrier is sanitized, and every student is welcome to partake.


Photo: NowThisNews YouTube