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Ceramics Studio Has Shipped Over 2,000 Angels To Nurses On The Frontlines

Elvis’ husband Alex actually sent me this story about the Angel Project and it’s wonderful!

We know it’s National Nurse’s Week, but honestly, I don’t think anyone would say a week is enough, ESPECIALLY right now! Thankfully, there are people out there like Catherine Camisa, and she has been putting in over 12 hours a day to show love for nurses, since the beginning of April.

Catherine owns a ceramic studio on Long Island called “Mom’s Ceramics,” and one day, decided to use her one angel mold to make a ceramic angel and gift to her best friend’s daughter. She’s a nurse working with COVID patients, and as Catherine said, is one of the real heroes of this time.

Catherine said they don’t just go to work, they give from their hearts, and that’s exactly what she decided to start doing. With her one angel mold, Catherine and her friend Donna would spend hours in the studio, making a dozen angels a day, and sending them to nurses in local hospitals.

She spent thousands of dollars, and was happy to do so. Then word got out, and this operation got HUGE! There have been hundreds of requests for angels, and thankfully other businesses have donated more angel molds and glaze.

Now, they’ve shipped more than 2,200 angels to 35 hospitals in 10 states!

50 other ceramic studios across the country have followed her lead and started making ceramic angels to gift to nurses, and she even has a paypal now so we can help with her “gifting from the heart.”