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Cleaning Company Saves New Yorkers $60,000 So Far With New Discount

As everyone knows who has been listening to the show for more than a day, we love to support people who support the community in the face of COVID 19! And with that in mind, Myra Godfrey told me about an awesome company here in New York called Liox Cleaners.

Liox knows that although a lot of us are keeping locked down in our homes, that doesn’t mean we have everything we need at our disposal: a lot of people relied on cleaners before all this because they don’t have a machine in their building, and no over a moth out are buried in dirty clothes! PLUS it’s a little stressful to go to a laundromat with a bunch of people using the same machines.

Well, Liox wanted to help their community by offering a 60% discount to anyone in need, which brings down the cost to what a regular laundromat would cost! All you need to do as a customer is say you need help, no questions asked.

They’ve saved New Yorkers $60,000 so far, and will continue to offer contactless pickup for as long as this virus lasts! All because they can.

Thank you to Liox and all companies like them!