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Student Creates Facebook Group Where Seniors Can Be 'Adopted' By Community

Stacie Hawkins wants me to shine a light on Genny Edwards, who went above and beyond for high school seniors in Stark County, Ohio!

Since it’s such a hard time for the classes of 2020 not being able to celebrate their graduations the way they expected, Genny created a Facebook group available to all of the seniors in the county, where they can be “adopted” by other members of the community.

Basically, the student’s parents list them as available for adoption, and then as many people/families can adopt that student as they want! So far the page has about 5,000 seniors registered, and the love is SO REAL!

The adopters chat with the parents and learn their students interests and what they aspire to be, and then the come up with creative ideas around that. A lot of people send little gifts every day leading up to (what would have been) graduation, ending with a final big one! Some send food, some just shower them with praise and well wishes.

Even local businesses have gotten involved, offering major discounts to their seniors!

I love this idea, and hope more towns catch on!