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Dog Goes Missing On Long Island, Found In Water By Family On A Boat

Debra Bjelke informed me that there was a puppy rescue on Long Island this weekend!!!

So before I start this story, I want you to picture the most adorable little fluffy golden retriever puppy- because that’s what we’re talking about. On Friday evening, this boy named Blue jumped out of his family’s car window as they were driving down the parkway. An actual nightmare.

The family formed a search party that lasted hours and included drones, and bloodhounds, no luck. They were devastated.

Thankfully a local elementary school teacher names Mrs. Tripi knew that pup was still out there and kept her eyes open while out on her boat with her family. And unbelievably, she actually spotted Blue under a pier!

The family started talking to Blue and he got so excited he started swimming towards the boat, and started to go under because it was too far a swim! SO her husband and nephews went in after the pup, and saved him! That’s TWO savings, this dog is a lucky one!

He’s now home with only a few ticks and bruises, getting lots of hugs!

THANK YOU to the Tripi family!