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Flower Shop Worried About Customer And Drops Off Groceries With Flowers

I had so many people send me this twitter post from author Maureen Johnson, and it’s a wonderful story.

Maureen's mother called to tell her she had just ordered flowers online to be delivered and dropped on her porch. When the shop dropped off the flowers, they said, “Hang on, we have something for you,” and went back to the truck to get a bag of hot meals, and multiple bags of groceries!

When Maureen’s mom asked what they were doing this for, they said, “When you called, you mentioned you had promised your daughter not to go out, so we were worried you had no food and brought some.” For the record her parents had plenty of food, but this small business just really wanted to make sure. AND they absolutely REFUSED any payment for it.

What wonderful human beings! So if you’re anywhere in the neighborhood of Lower Bucks County in Pennsylvania and need help with your garden soon, call Castle’s Garden, lawn and landscape. They deserve every client they can get!

Photo: Getty