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Uncle Johnny Recalls The Love Of His Life Who Passed Away 31 Years Ago

With Uncle Johnny on the phone, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show was able to ask him questions that they have never asked him. While on the air, we found out more on Uncle Johnny's current bedroom situation as well as a story recalling the love of his life.

"Welcome to a new segment called 'Ask Uncle Johnny,'" Elvis says into the mic, Tuesday, April 28th. "Everyone on the show has a question for you." Uncle Johnny reveals to Elvis the reason he got out mis-shower to answer a phone call from him yesterday as well as described going down the street to the pharmacy for the first time. He was only outside for 15 minutes and saw maybe a total of three people, all with masks on.

Uncle Johnny also answers how many sexual partners he has had as well as the last time *it* worked. Most interestingly, Danielle Monaro asked him what the most romantic thing he's done for someone. This sparked an interesting story from Uncle Johnny where he said:

Well it was for my partner who dies 31 years ago, but he was the love of my life. He really was the love of my life. Cause in everyone's life there's always one person you love more than the other. When you get a partner that loves equally, you both love each other, that's the person you're going to end up with for the rest of your life. I was the most romantic with him and did everything for him. In fact he died in my hands. I held him and told him you can go now and he did.

Elvis adds that Uncle Johnny's partner he's describing died of aids 31 years ago.

Listen to their entire conversation with Uncle Johnny below.