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Empty Mall Uses Open Space To Help Train Service Puppies

Emily Mills sent me probably one of the biggest “think outside the box” stories I have featured here on Feel Goods!

Like every mall, Fairfield Commons in Ohio is currently closed. But instead of leaving it totally empty until we can get back to our more normal lives, once a week the mall is filled with puppies!

They are all service dogs in training from the organization “4 Paws for Ability”! These pups are too young to have experienced a really big environment yet, and in order to be effective service dogs, they need to explore large spaces and be around different sights/sounds!

So now they can roam around this huge mall as fluffy little adventures, while the humans stay socially distanced, and people in the future will still get the experienced service dog they require!

The mall general manager Leanna Rubosky said, “My main role is a goodwill ambassador to the community and to find out how we can serve our neighbors well. This gave us a great opportunity to be able to do that.”

How can I volunteer to clean up after spills?! ANYTHING to see this cuteness unfold!