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The Cast Of 'Outer Banks' Reveal How They Bonded On Set

The new hit Netflix series, Outer Banks, is one to watch. A crew of teenagers is on a hunt for treasure, and with a town divided by class, it is fascinating to see how these teens get themselves in and out of problems on their hunt for gold.

Recently (before quarantine) Producer Sam, sat down with the cast of the Netflix series and was able to talk all about cast bonding and the show. What immediately drew them into the show? Madison Bailey responds, "I immediately read the script and was like 'this is going to be the funnest thing to film," the rest of the cast nods in agreement. It is clear this cast did a ton of bonding before they began filming, just by their natural chemistry during the interview.

"We spent a night in the chateau and that was our bonding," Jonathan Daviss says about the group and how it seemed like they all really were best friends in the first five minuets of the pilot. Don't believe us? Watch the first episode of the series and find out!