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Nursing Home Helps Surprise Resident & His Wife For Their 50th Anniversary

This video from Heather Nicholas got me teary eyed, you have to watch!

Her sister works at a nursing home and one of their residents, Harold had his 50thanniversary with his wife Toni coming up! Unfortunately, you know the situation- Toni couldn’t go to visit him due to the virus lockdown.

So Heather’ sister and a couple employees got together for an anniversary surprise. They got Harold all dressed up, and FaceTimed Toni! Something that from her reaction, I don’t think she is very accustomed to.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, nursing home staff went to her house while she was on the call to surprise her with 11 beautiful roses, and the 12th was with Harold so he has something to give her when they reunite.

I want this kind of love!!!