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Andy Grammer Shares Update On New Baby During Live Performance

Andy Grammer is a dad time two. His first, Louisiana "Louie" K and now little baby Israel "Izzy" Blue Grammer, both with his wife Aijia.

In his performance at Elvis Duran's Stay At Home Ball Friday night, Grammer references his new baby during the intro for his song "Good To Be Alive." He says to the fans watching, "I wanna play a song, right now that it feels like a strange choice but not really it’s called ‘Good To Be Alive’ and I just had a baby last week during the quarantine. I had a quarantini and it’s very good to be alive right now. Enjoy!"

You can watch his performance at from the Friday night live stream and his shoutout to beautiful baby Izzy below!

On Friday, April 3rd, Grammer introduced his daughter Izzy to the world. “ISRAEL BLUE GRAMMER has arrived. She is the good news in a sea of bad news, the light in quite a bit of darkness, and the new life in the midst of so much talk of death. She has transformed our household which was in a state of caution, fear, and anxiety into one of knowing, spirituality and intense love. She has brought us back to our center.”

“I watched my GODDESS of a wife @aijiaofficiall for 18 hours and deliver her like a champion. I caught her with my own two hands in the tub and it was a profoundly beautiful experience. I am so blessed,” Grammer continued. “I was just holding Izzyand my first daughter Louisianawrapped her arms around my neck and said ‘Daddy has TWO girls now.’ My eyes got wide and teary, now I have two girls … ”