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Cinderella Rides Through Community In Horse Drawn Carriage Bringing Joy

It was a seemingly normal day in gloomy isolation this Winter Gardens community, when Princess Cinderella showed up. Literally, and I am not kidding. The beloved Disney princess was in her white horse drawn carriage, waving at people, and resident Cindy Simmons booked it out of her house to get a video!

Cinderella told Cindy she hopes she is having a magical day, and she tweeted out that she full on ugly cried. Which I would have done as well.

Cindy tweeted, "So Cinderella just came through our neighborhood and I full on ugly cried. 🤣 What in the world is wrong with me?! (Thanks for the special treat SOUL Haven Ranch in Winter Garden, FL)"

What a special moment for this community.

Photo: Getty