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YouTuber Scratches Strangers Car, Told To Use Money For Local Food Bank

YouTuber Casey Neistat lives in LA, and yesterday he scratched a stranger’s car while parking. Thankfully he did the right thing and left a note for the person with his phone number, offering to fix it! That stranger texted Casey back that day and wrote, “please don’t worry about the scratch. Any money you had to put towards my car feel free to please donate to a local food bank! Have a great week!” In a now viral tweet Casey writes, "been complaining about LA a lot, lemme share why I love LA. I scratched a guys car this morning when parking my truck, total accident, small but noticeable scratch. I left the owner a note on the wiper and he texted me..."

This is what I like to call, a “Good Person Off,” because now they are competing for awesomeness, and both winning!

Casey donated $250 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in honor of “Mr. Scratched Car” (literally wrote that in the donation), and sent the mystery human a photo of the receipt.