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Nurse Shares COVID-19 Story That Will Change Your Perspective On Quarantine

Doctor examining patient with stethoscope

Let us introduce you to Bill. Bill is a nurse manager, and has been on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. A story from his hospital will change your perspective on the fight for this virus. Deemed as one of the most important calls Elvis Duran has ever taken, here is his story.

"Last Thursday, we had 7 patients in the emergency department that were all in critical care, they needed ventilators, but we only had one available critical care bed and basically it was myself and two other doctors that had to choose which one of these seven patients would get this critical care bed. Knowing that no matter what you choose, only one of those patients would get that critical care bed and knowing the other six were going to die, was really difficult," Bill shares fighting back tears. "How do you explain to six other families members 'I'm sorry that this one patient over year has a better shot of surviving than your loved one."

"Who am I to play God?" asks Bill, "Who am I to choose who lives and who dies. Knowing that I left work, I got to my car, and I just broke down." Bill continues his story to a speechless Elvis. Seeing this first hand, is just horrible and so Bill is begging our listeners and anyone that will listen to please stay home and stay quarantined. "It allows us to treat the maximum amount of people as possible." We hope Bill sharing this story will place it into perspective for people to understand.

Listen to Bill's entire conversation with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show below.