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Elvis Duran Plays 'Netflix Or NOTflix'

Netflix or NOTflix, the game created by Brody for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Tuesday, April 21st was not one the show was too intrigued by at first. However once we got started, everyone agreed it was the perfect game to play today. In this game you will be given a title and description and you have to guess whether or not a series or movie is on Netflix or completely made up. Is it on Netflix or is it NOTflix. See if you can get anything from the game correct (answers at the bottom).

  1. Into The Light
    1. The Stranger
      1. He has the perfect family, the perfect life, until a stranger with a secret exposed a dangerous web of lies.
    2. Pandemic
      1. Armies of tireless doctors and scientists are our best defense against a pandemic.
    3. Dolemite Is My Name
      1. Starring Eddie Murphy, the story of a never-was, ho became the baddest mother there ever was.
    4. Delphine
      1. She was the only daughter of a French couple. murdered by the Nazis in 1939. Her heroism and cunning saved a town of nearly 200 people. Based on a true story.
    5. Night On Earth
      1. Elephants gather, frogs glow. In darkness, the natural world comes alive and for the first time, we see it all!
    6. Antilles
      1. The Virgin Islands are the backdrop for tropical island drug dealing, murder and a mysterious woman who holds the key to a billion dollar mystery.
    7. The Platform
      1. Two prisoners per floor, wondering how much they'll get to eat that day. One inmate has had enough of not getting enough. It's time to send a message...
    8. Jack Ryan
      1. When CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles upon a suspicious series of bank transfers, his search for answers pulls him into a cat and mouse game all over Europe.
    9. The Laundromat
      1. Their firm was the dirty little secret of the filthy rich. Then 21 people died. To uncover the truth, one widow follows the money...

    Listen below as the show plays this game for the first time (and look further below for the answers).


    1. No
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. No
    6. Yes
    7. No
    8. Yes
    9. No (Amazon Prime original series)
    10. Yes