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Dog Rescue Uses Extra Room To Take In Dogs That Have Owners With COVID-19

Listener Sandy Ford sent me a pup rescue story, and you guys know I’m all about those!

There’s a woman named Amy Heinz in DeSoto Iowa, and she has a dog rescue. Most of her facility is for the everyday rescue/adoption situation, but she needs more funding! Amy built a separate section where you can take your dogs if you’re going on vacation so they don’t need to be boarded up, called Grace’s Place! However, no one is going on vacation right now, and so Amy thought she could do something special with her extra doggy room- she’s taking in the dogs of any owners that have to go to the hospital due to having the virus, free of charge!

This is a really scary time for those people and Amy knows regular life doesn’t just stop because of this, so she wants them to feel eased over the care of their 4-legged friend.

So if you know of someone in that area who needs help now or in the future, look them up! They are happy to help.