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Teacher Brings Newborn Baby Home With Her For Mother Scared About COVID-19

Teacher Luciana Lira got a very unusual phone call from the mother of one of her 7-year-old students. The mother was super distressed, and explained that she was in the hospital and going into labor. Unfortunately, she was also just diagnosed with COVID-19, and was worried her husband and son might have it as well!

Her husband doesn’t speak any English, and since Luciana is bilingual, she called this woman’s husband to explain what was going on (so the mother could focus on the birth) and the two of them rushed to meet at the hospital!

It turns out the husband and son had to be tested as well, and since they needed to wait for these important results, LUICANA OFFERED TO TAKE THE NEWBORN BABY HOME! Which, she did! AND the test results came back positive for both the husband and son!

The doctors said if they had allowed the baby to head home with a seemingly fine father and son, the results could have been tragic. Thankfully, mom is doing very well, and should be fully recovered soon.

Luciana Lira? You are a HERO!