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Producer Sam Surprises Sister On What Would Have Been Her Wedding Day

This past Saturday, April 18th, would have been my little sister Dominique’s wedding to the human of her dreams, Joseph. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be postponed. But as a lot of engaged couples are now learning the hard way, you kind of grow attached to your date! I mean you envision the color scheme to coincide with the season, your invites are sent out, you get customized gifts with your special day, all these things for over a year (in my sister’s case) and then BOOM! The date has been taken away from you.

Well, we (my family and Joe’s family and the wedding party) didn’t want this date to be a sad or sour one in their memories to come, so we joined the masses, and threw them a parade! Everyone in the wedding party showed up with a decorated car/sign, I brought a bottle of champagne and popped it on their lawn, and my mother brought flowers to throw all over. We even had a police escort, since Joe is a detective!

By the time they finally got outside (my sister takes forever), they were crying within seconds. And so were we!

It’s not the same as having the wedding, but it was so nice to have a time of love and celebration in honor of their union. And we look forward to the REAL thing someday soon! Watch above to see the whole surprise unfold.