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17-Year-Old Cashier Buys Groceries For Older Customer

17-year-old Elizabeth Taylor was working her job as a cashier at a place called Fresh n’ Low in Georgetown, Tennessee, when a senior shopper came up to her register. His name is Layne McKeel and since the COVID-19 outbreak he hasn't been able to leave his house. He only goes out when he is desperate for the essentials.

So Elizabeth rang him up, and the total came to $173. Unfortunately, he was $33 short and was pretty upset about it. He explained to her that he just cashed his disability check and was about to put back some items to lessen the expense, but Elizabeth asked him not to. Instead, she insisted on paying his entire bill. She said she sees a lot of older people just trying to buy what they need, but a lot of stores are running out of things, so she wanted to give back what she could. How wonderful!

Photo: Elizabeth Taylor