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Postman Delivers Letter From Girl's Dog In Heaven In Heartwarming Story

For anyone who has lost a dog in their life, this story from Bristol, Connecticut from our listener Jaclyn Neveu will really hit you hard.

4-year-old, Maci from Connecticut recently lost her beloved dog, Kendal. She missed her dog so much, she wanted to write a letter to her dog in heaven. She got some paper and drew a picture of the two of them and wrote "I miss you Kendal." Maci then decided to wait outside for the mailman so she can hand it to him in person, and make sure he knew how important her letter was.

Thank goodness for someone as kind as postal worker Kenneth Rodin, because he knew exactly what to do with her letter. Twenty-four hours later, Maci had a note in her mailbox stamped from 'heaven.' It was a thank you note from her beloved pooch and it absolutely made her day!

Thank you so much to all people doing their jobs to make people smile and offer comfort during these hard times!

Photos sent by Jaclyn Neveu