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ICU Nurse Visits Patients Before & After Shift To Help Them FaceTime Family

This was a very personal feeling submission from Vanessa Morrison, who wanted me to feature an ER/ICU Nurse names Mary Halliday.

Mary Halliday works at two different hospitals in Nassau County, and has 2 very young children, but all this life responsibility didn’t stop her from wanting to do even more for COVID-19 patients in need. This nurse is so overworked but still made herself available before and after her shifts to visit these patients whom are not able to have visitors. Mary FaceTimes with their families, gives them cards her children made, and just stays to spend some time and offer a kind of visitor warmth they aren’t able to have right now. She has prayed with people, sang songs with them, and held their hand.

I hope more doctors and nurses start to do this, because you can only volunteer in hospitals you actually work at. But I fully believe Mary is changing lives and soothing hearts.

Here is a photo of her with her family below. Thank you Mary for everything you are doing!