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Local Diner Donates Meat To Small Zoo To Feed Their Cats

This submission comes from Karen Wisniewski and I think it’s something Elvis’ husband Alex would LOVE!

SO, you guys know how, this pandemic has completely messed with the restaurant industry. And although a lot of us are doing what we can to order and support our local eateries, not all of them can stay open right now. Including one of Karen’s locals: Flo’s Diner.

Well, once a place closes down, it still has a full inventory inside! Flo’s Diner had over 150 lbs of chicken, which would go to waste for a lot of establishments. But the owner decided they could do some good with their current misfortune: they donated all the meat to a small zoo called “The Wild” to feed the giant cats!

Isn’t that wonderful?! The zoo is also hurting since it is not making money and has to still feed/care for the animals, so this was a huge help to them.

LOVE business helping businesses! Maybe after all this the diner employees will have a free day pass to the zoo!