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Anonymous Donor Gives Total Of $82,000 To Be Split By All Residents Of Town

Iowa listener Ginger Swensen sent me this story coming out of Earlham, Indiana, and I am blown away!

Every single resident in her town of Indiana, a total of 1,400 people, was mailed 3 gift cards totaling $150, all from one anonymous sender!

This person (or people??) gave a $50 gift card to a nearby grille, restaurant, and grocery store. That means the person spent over $82,000!!! Not only helping out this community but it helped out these 3 local businesses as well!

How it worked was the donor got someone to call Mayor Jeff Lillie to get help with the distribution.Then, the mayor then got in touch with all 3 businesses, and had each one prepare the gift cards at their business. Finally, the city staff worked on distribution!

We still don’t know who this generous person(s) is, but they sure as hell left a powerful impact on this city. Hopefully this will inspire other able people to do the same!