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Elvis Duran Plays Quarantine-Themed Match Game

It's Friday! Yes Friday, did you lose track? So why not celebrate a little and play Match Game with a quarantine twist. I mean yes we are all home already, but now we're going to give fill in the blank sentences that have to do with the current times!

First up was Dr. Kyle an anesthesiologist, taking time out of his stressful day to lighten up with a game. His sentence? Goofy Gary shocked his girlfriend this week when she came home this week to find him wearing her _____________ as a mask.

Dr. Kyle answers with thong.. What did the rest of the show fill in with that blank?

Froggy - thong

Gandhi - spanx

Danielle - cat

Skeery - maxi pad

Ding ding ding, we have one point for Dr. Kyle in this round. Next up is Chelsea currently working from home. Her company just went through furlough's yesterday but thankfully her position made it through. Her sentence? Rich Ronnie is so rich when the stores ran out of toilet paper, he started wiping his butt with _________.

Chelsea answers saying hundred dollar bills. What did the rest of the show fill in with that blank?

Froggy - dollar bills

Gandhi - cash

Danielle - his butler

Skeery - Egyptian cotton bed sheets

Well looks like we have Chelsea as our winner. But honestly, with these times we're going to give both of these listeners something to go home with. Listen to the entire Match Game below! Would you have used these answers?