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Moving Company Teams Up With Girl Scouts To Deliver Free Cookies

During this coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing companies do good, acting selflessly to help those in need. Lowy’s Moving Service is doing just that.

Lowy's Moving Service has some extra time on their hands and so they decided to use their resources for good and spread some joy and happiness. This week they have teamed up with the beloved Girl Scouts of New Jersey to deliver 460,000 cookies, for free, to healthcare professionals throughout the state! The company may not have masks or medical supplies to donate, but they are trying to help in ways that make sense for them. Hopefully this inspires even more companies.

Like Lowy's and the Girl Scouts of New Jersey, we have seen many celebrities help out in similar ways. Most recently, Lizzo helped spread kindness by sending free lunch to the UW Medical Center staff.

Thank you Lowy's Moving Company and thank you to all the companies and people working hard to do some good!