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7-Year-Old Boy Sells Comic Book To Send $9 To Doctor In His Community

Under these circumstances, we are all trying to do our part to help fight coronavirus and stay safe during this pandemic. That includes this adorable 7-year-old boy from Nassau County names Brendan McGinnis.

Brendan uses his creativity to write his own comic books and has decided to do something very special with his work. He decided he wants to sell his comics to raise money for a good cause amid coronavirus. Brendan managed to sell a book and make $9. He then put the money in an envelope along with a hand-written letter and sent it off to Dr. Greco, the chief of hospital operations near his home.

His letter says:

“Here is $9.00. I got all of this money from selling comic books. I hope everything is going alright with your coronavirus patient. I want to help raise money for the coronavirus vaccine. I am a 2nd grad student in Stewart school. Save the world!”

It may not be enough to fun researching the cure, but it definitely lifted Dr. Greco's spirits! Our heroes on the front lines could use all the joy they can get.

Thank you Brendan!

Photo: Brendan McGinnis