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12-Year-Old Misses Birthday In Disney So Community Creates Vehicle Parade

Josh Nodine is a 12-year-old boy from Rochester New York with special needs. For a long time, he was looking forward to celebrating his birthday in Disney. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, his vacation had to be canceled. However, that didn't stop his community from celebrating him in a BIG way!

"We didn't tell him right away because it's hard for us to know what he understands or doesn't," Jamie, Josh's mother said. "My husband and I just told him 'Buddy, we can't go on the airplane right now. The world is sick, so we are staying home to stay safe.'" Of course, Josh was devastated by the news. "He cried for a long time," Jamie said, "and he rarely cries out of sadness."

She knew having a big party with his friends and family was not an option, so what did she do instead? She got more than 160 vehicles to gather and create a parade for Josh to pass by his house. Josh hung out in the driveway and was thrilled seeing fire trucks, police cars, motorcycles, classmates, and TONS of new friends, all lined up with signs and decorated cars, just for him.

"He loves anything with a motor," Jamie said. "He loves to sit outside and watch motorcycles go by and wave at trucks."

Not only did this cheer up Josh and give him the best birthday ever, but it also helped bring up the spirits for everyone else in the community. "Everyone needs a reason to smile and something to look forward to."

More details and photos of the parade can be found here.